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Radio Redhead Episode #27 – 05-08-06

( Podcast )

Neo-fascism and wee ones selling Chicklets in the developing world? No you haven’t dropped in on a Brown University poli-sci lecture but instead trapsed into the bizarro world of traveling Trix and Josh. High-jinx ensue as our intrepid podcasters fly from estrogen-fueled photog exhibits to South-of-the-Border embroidered shirtland with the greatest of ease. An intercontinental […]

Radio Redhead Episode #26 – 02-10-06

( Podcast )

Trix, a snowboarding knuckledragger? Josh, celebrating a Hallmark holiday? Get ready to go down the Radio Redhead rabbit hole into our Helter Ski Slope Skelter world where cupcakes and ski lifts are otherwise known as WMDs and Scottish brogues and whiskeys abound…even though we’re on location in the Rockies. See why Shaun White isn’t the […]

Radio Redhead Episode #25 – 01-22-06

( Podcast )

Cross the cultural divide with Josh and Trix. This episode has more multinational, intercontinental chit-chat than the UN Security Council. To wit, hear rabid insight on the Chinese century, Iranian Armageddon, the meaning of World War II in post-modern Germany, and the apparent rationing of AHAVA (official handcream of Israel). Never one to overlook the […]