Radio Redhead Episode #30 – 08-14-08

Posted on Friday 15 August 2008

Radio Redhead Episode #30 – 08-14-08Let’s face it, it has been a long dry spell since our last ‘cast. Would it help our case to note we’ve been on holiday in Italy for the past month eating prosciutto and drinking granite? No? Well then, we have to offer you something fairly fantabulous, unexpected and red-eriffic. With all due reverence and fingers crossed for a good review, we give you this narrated montage of our recent journey to Bellagio. For us, it really was a once in a lifetime event! Let us know what YOU think. Ciao, ciao for now!
Mr. and Mrs. RR

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Radio Redhead Episode #29 – 10-29-06

Posted on Friday 22 December 2006

Take a time machine ride back to good ol October when blinking Christmas lights and seasonal peppermint mocha frappuccinos were yet a blink the eye of sweet guardian angel Clarence. It’s pre-Halloween and we find our podcast protagonists traveling right round this country of ours, trekking East, West and to all points in between. Sunny LA beholds B-List stars, dream trips to Kitson clothier and podcasters a-go-go including Leo LaPorte and Sex with Emily, the show that is. Rocky mountain high Denver and surrounds bring adventure a plenty with blue hair slot machine oases, Kelly the ‘porker’ park ranger who needs a bit more than fresh air to be civil, boarders whose preferred method of transport up the mountain is a hitchhiker’s thumb, and purchase of enough Indian jewelry for every man, woman, and child in the Navajo nation. Action abroad is not outshone by action on the home front however as news of beards ‘like a lamb on the face’ and Vinny Barbarino bell bottom transformations reign supreme.

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Radio Redhead Episode #28 – 09-04-06

Posted on Friday 29 September 2006

RR Episode #28 Floods, winged creatures and wet car contests, e-Gads! The Fountain City invasion of Trixie Schwarzkopf has begun. Drop points include Leavenworth, Jo-Co and the 39th street ‘Bucks. Who needs an exotic destination when Gone with the Wind drama awaits next door? Bartholomew (the bat, not Saint), the Trixichino and a diatribe on pop Jesus tunes await in this freeballing episode. Don’t miss it!

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